I have been reading lately that being vulnerable, and admitting it, has become the new buzzword. To the extent that vulnerability has taken the place of gratitude.
Not to sound superior, because who am I to tell society what our new “it” thing is, but how can our vulnerabilities take the place of those 3 things we wrote down as being grateful for yesterday? Those things we are grateful for give us and show us our vulnerabilities, that does not take away from the gratitude we feel about and for them….yet, possibly – it can help us recognize where we are vulnerable and we can also welcome that into our sphere of self-acceptance on our path to living a more yogic lifestyle.



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I am a 200-HR RYT certified yoga instructor. I teach vinyasa primarily but also teach seniors, yoga nidra, restorative, pranayama and meditation. I have a passion for life, all things yoga and dogs. Drop me a questions, line, comment - I'll be happy to hear from you! Namaste View all posts by yogagirlsherri

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