Change is inevitable, this we know. Change happens all the time, all around us. Again, nothing new here. Change will happen when we least expect it. There are a thousand different ways to quote about, experience and describe change. We can describe its never-ending sequence or its consistency throughout life, history and nature.

In this post, I would like us to take three things we are fearful of changing and write it down on a sheet of paper leaving ample room between the edges and each other, but keeping them in a column. In a column next to each of our three items, let’s write down what change could, should, can or cannot happen to each one of them. Leaving each of those with ample room between. In the last column, write down what you could do should that particular change that you’ve indicated would happen. You don’t necessarily have only one answer. Get creative, expand this exercise to include the impossible. If that change were to occur – what could you do? You could focus on alleviating or lessening the impact, you could embrace the change fully, or you could deny the change happened – in any of these cases; you are writing down your options.

Once you write out all of these columns and the responses that you could potentially have in reaction to the change that may befall one of your three semi-permanent fixtures in your life. If you take a good look here – you just created an option list of things for you to do, if, when and should that change happen.

Change is inevitable – we cannot control it; but we can control our actions and the responses our mind/brain has to it.



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I am a 200-HR RYT certified yoga instructor. I teach vinyasa primarily but also teach seniors, yoga nidra, restorative, pranayama and meditation. I have a passion for life, all things yoga and dogs. Drop me a questions, line, comment - I'll be happy to hear from you! Namaste View all posts by yogagirlsherri

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