Brahmavihara are the four attitudes that help us to cultivate living a more yogic life. Patanjali brings awareness to these four attitudes in the Yoga Sutras. He discusses the importance of them as they relate to the 8 limbs of yoga, yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, dhurana, dhyana and samadhi.

The four attitudes are:

a) Friendliness toward the joyful

b) Compassion for those who are suffering

c) Celebrating the good in others

d) Practicing detachment toward those who harm others

Practicing Brahmavihara is a challenge to all of us who live in our modern day society. While we love to be joyful and around events that cause joy; the reality is that we also enjoy the failures of others (reality TV) and believe that seeing others suffer helps to “normalize” our feelings about our lives. Rather than focusing on the failures of others to bolster our esteem; we can take a look around and recognize that everyone has a different journey in life that makes the person unique and special. Feeling compassion for suffering and celebrating successes with others helps to bring us to an even keel, a steadiness of mind and balance within our own lives.



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