How do you define courage? Think about it a moment, use it in a sentence by saying: “I have courage when I ___________”. This is your own personal courage statement, it could be as simple as, I have courage when I face work every, single day. Or, I have courage when I show compassion to my mortal enemy (the laundry – in my case). And it can even be, I have courage when I try to get into adho mukha vrksasana (handstand) time after time, after time! Courage doesn’t come easy – otherwise it would be called couch potatoing – but we all have it inside of us! I’m reminded of the squeals and shrieks of fear my sister creates whenever she sees a spider or bug and yet also the courage she displays the moment someone loses their temper inappropriately and her ability to step in and speak up when needed. We may not always feel our courage however, I can tell you this, the instant we land that handstand, crow pose, dragonfly or ___________ (insert difficult pose here) for the first time we feel an immense, overwhelming sense of honor (in the name of courage) for what we have accomplished. We have overcome any of those fears that sneak up on us like little spiders; and created a beautiful work of art that is ours alone to relish and enjoy!

Here’s to your training on your difficult pose! May you land it with all the joy that you can muster!!


About yogagirlsherri

I am a 200-HR RYT certified yoga instructor. I teach vinyasa primarily but also teach seniors, yoga nidra, restorative, pranayama and meditation. I have a passion for life, all things yoga and dogs. Drop me a questions, line, comment - I'll be happy to hear from you! Namaste View all posts by yogagirlsherri

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