If We Could See Inside Other People’s Hearts

Wonderful insight from a fellow yogini!

earthy mama

I found this on Facebook today and was moved to tears.

I hope you will take the four short minutes to watch.

Remember this: We never ever know what someone else is going through. Today, I invite you to resist judgement and remember compassion. Give others the benefit of the doubt, and watch your own internal joy soar.

We all have struggles and silent sufferings, which oftentimes make us feel isolated and alone. But we also have the power to ease each other’s pain when we let go of our own self-absorption and reach out with a genuine smile, a light touch on the shoulder, or a moment of patience and undivided attention. If you seek more joy, give more. Authentically. However you can.

Never forget that we are all connected. What can you do to brighten someone’s day? It’s more than you realize.


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