Familiar to us is the strength and power of the word compassion; and seeing compassion can move people in strong, emotional ways. Compassion is prevalent in the animal world such as when we witness animals of different species helping one another. Tears fall freely when a deep sense of compassion is shown to others who have sustained great loss. In short, when compassion is the leading theme of an interaction between living beings, it’s as if the air has been sucked out of the room and we could hear a pin drop because of the deep level of respect we feel for the participants.
Let’s try an experiment today; it will be a tough experiment for me personally and all the more reason I want to try. A few days ago, there was a blog posted on A Cup o’ Yoga. It showcased a video of people going through some very emotional times with a theme that surrounded a hospital. In our interactions today make an internal statement before each interaction starts, “I don’t know what this person is going through personally.” And relate to a moment in that video that moved you deeply. The person you are facing, no matter the circumstance, deserves your compassion and respect. Human beings are all on the same road, all water runs downhill. We just call the journey different things, just as we call water creeks, streams and rivers. Extend a moment of compassion to the person before engaging in conversation, even with those you hold most dear! You will be amazed at what happens in both your heart and in your head.
Living a more yogic lifestyle is allowing others to be who they are, honoring them in their existence and becoming aware of our own thoughts, feelings and responses before acting. Be mindful of the story from the video that resonated deeply with you; we never know exactly what another is going through.

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I am a 200-HR RYT certified yoga instructor. I teach vinyasa primarily but also teach seniors, yoga nidra, restorative, pranayama and meditation. I have a passion for life, all things yoga and dogs. Drop me a questions, line, comment - I'll be happy to hear from you! Namaste View all posts by yogagirlsherri

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