Finding Our Voice


In our journey through life, we can find ourselves speechless. We have moments of speechless clarity when we are met with profound kindness, beauty or grace; and we have moments of speechless awkwardness when we are met with crude, rude or violent behavior. In search of following a more yogic lifestyle and living our truth, we must be mindful of our speechless moments and honor our 5th Chakra: Vishudda.
The vishudda chakra is about communication, honesty, and intuition. When this chakra is out of balance, we can find ourselves unable to speak up or speak out. This imbalance can create other unhealthy areas in our life; it can affect our ability to practice the yama Satya and hinder our interactions with others. Therefore, we need this chakra to have good energy and balance. Signs the chakra is out of balance include lying and “biting our tongue”, or not saying what we are really feeling or thinking. An overactive chakra can be characterized by “not thinking before speaking” and constant chattering.
In both cases, balance can be restored by meditating on the chakra, which is the color blue like the robin’s egg, while chanting the seed sound “Ham” with mala beads. Balance can also be restored with asana, or poses, that help to bring harmony to this chakra. The poses are salamba sarvangasana, shoulder-stand, followed by matsayasana, fish pose. These poses will close and open the vishudda chakra thereby enabling expression to our voice in an authentic way. The poses bring awareness to the throat reminding us that both the voice and silence have their place.
But, when we are unable to speak up, we are not only hindering our growth, but also potentially acting as silent witnesses to the stagnation of others’ growth or even their harm. Finding our voice can encourage others to do so as well, while balancing the overactive chakra allows greater connection with people through better listening.
Connecting to your truth and being honest with a balanced vishudda, enables open communication which in turn helps guide the journey toward living a more yogic lifestyle. Being able to express what we know in our hearts to be true makes us more authentic and we find ourselves closer to the path of living the lives we choose.



Chakra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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