Series: Top Five Vinyasa Sequences – #3


On our countdown of the top five vinyasa sequences, it appears there is a balance between breath and movement. And that is with purpose! Focusing on the breath while moving helps the mind become single-pointed. Yogis become aware that the body and the breath are connected. So, too, are the body and the mind. In this next sequence, breath can become a savior of sorts because these movements really create power in the core. These poses help to strengthen in preparation for vasisthasana (side plank). The core is important to the function of the body for a number of reasons and one of those is balance. Our balance begins to weaken as we age, it is very important for us, as healthy human beings, to work on our balance. There have been numerous moments where I would have taken a fall if not for the strength of my core. Having a strong core allows us to move at a slower pace as we feel each and every one of the core muscles. Here is the strengthening core vinyasa. Namaste

From downward facing dog we inhale and exhale coming into plank pose, from plank  we inhale back into downward facing dog pose raising our right leg behind us for three legged dog pose. As we exhale coming forward into plank and touching right knee to right elbow, inhaling to three legged dog, we exhale into plank touching right knee to left elbow, inhaling back into three legged dog, we exhale bring right knee to nose. Inhaling back into downward facing dog, exhaling into plank, we place our right palm in the middle of our chest and as we inhale, twist to the left coming into side plank. Holding side plank for one exhale and one inhale, we exhale pushing back into downward facing dog pose. We then repeat on the opposite side.

Vinyasa 3


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