Series: Top 5 Vinyasa Sequences – #2


The top five vinyasa sequences continues with the next in the series which is a boat to canoe flow. As we know, a vinyasa, or flow, in a yoga class is a movement aligned with the breath that elevates your heart rate and makes your body sweat! Use these brief vinyasa moments in your practice to “pick up the pace and elevate the heart rate” in yoga. Remember to be mindful of keeping an awareness of the breath. Initially, practice the one movement per breath, one breath per movement technique. This will slow the movements down so that the focus can be on form. If the breathing becomes too quickened, stop, move into balasana (child’s pose) and slow the breath once again.

Here is the fourth vinyasa sequence in the series, enjoy! Namaste

From our comfortable seated position, we inhale and exhaling, bringing our legs up to a balanced seated position, beginning boat pose. As we inhale, raising our arms to our bent knee height (modified boat). As we exhale, moving our legs and upper body in opposite directions, canoe pose. Inhaling, we bring our upper body and legs back to the center into boat pose. Exhaling back into canoe pose, inhaling into boat, moving with the breath, moving at our own pace and continuing the sequence up to 3 times for beginner and up to 12 times for advanced or moving through the vinyasa as many times as we feel necessary. While this is a shorter flow, the intense focus on our core muscles makes this one of the toughest. Be sure to keep your head and neck aligned with the spine, pretend that you are holding an orange with you chin against your chest for proper alignment. See below for a great video!


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