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Give Up on Vulnerability



Vulnerability is a word, a feeling, a being. It is a word that is supposed to mean: capable of being emotionally or physically wounded. The feeling associated with vulnerability is weakness and that heightened level of stress that is felt when there is a potential for the self to become wounded. Vulnerability as being is when there is no other choice, one has given up to making themselves stronger and more capable of meeting the challenges placed in front of them. Give up on vulnerability. Create a life out of perseverance.

Today in Power Yoga, a student said to me that I had “beat him up” (figuratively people!)  in this class. And he went on to say that it was a good thing. He is challenged in class, each and every time that he shows up. He goes home with a pep in his step and tells me that he feels like he could sleep all night long. This is from someone with insomnia. He is candid with himself throughout the class, he goes at his pace, sometimes skips a few poses that are a little too much at the moment; but always gets right back into his own groove.

A life of perseverance. This is a life we should lead. Being authentic with ourselves on the mat, knowing how hard or how gentle we need to be with our bodies. Meeting and rising to the challenge that is placed before us each and every day on the mat. It is we who have the opportunity to overcome those moments of vulnerability, it is we who can overcome weakness; shall we let go of vulnerability? Absolutely. Move forward with perseverance.