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Series: Top Five Vinyasa Sequences – #4


The second in the series, this vinyasa is a little similar to the first in that it incorporates standing poses – but it also incorporates a strong balance pose. Don’t get too caught up on this balance pose, a lot is going on here in ardha chandrasana (half moon pose). Allow yourself the time to grow into the pose, use a block, if needed, as shown here under the front hand. Also, in parsvottanasana (pyramid pose) the hands can be alongside the front leg, or in reverse namaste (prayer position) as shown in the drawing. Focus on movement with the breath, breath with movement. In the transitional phases of this vinyasa, there should be almost no breath. The breath comes after putting the body into position. But that can take time, so respect your body, go at your pace and flow with the breath. You may take more breaths throughout the sequence than are described here. You can try two to three vinyasas to begin, then as you build strength increase your sequence number. Here it is! Vinyasa number four. Namaste.

Starting in downward facing dog we inhale and as we exhale, moving our right foot forward to lunge. We inhale bringing arms overhead into warrior one, keeping our core tight and moving with the strength of the legs, we straighten the right knee and bend forward at the hips either placing hands in prayer behind the back or  moving them down the straight front leg into pyramid pose. From pyramid, we bend our right knee and kick off with the power of the back leg, lifting the leg only to hip height and balancing our trunk on our right hand, inhaling into half moon pose. Stepping back with our left foot and placing a hand on either side of the foot, we exhale into downward facing dog. Repeating on the other side. Inhaling and exhaling into lunge, inhaling into warrior one, straightening the front leg and hinging from the hips, exhaling into pyramid. Bending the front leg, kicking up with our right leg to hip height, balancing our body on our left hand, inhaling to half moon pose. Stepping back with our right foot and exhaling all the way back into downward facing dog.

Vinyasa 4


Series: Top Five Vinyasa Sequences – #5


The top five vinyasa sequences seems like a difficult topic to tackle, but one I love thinking about. A vinyasa, or flow, in a yoga class usually is a movement aligned with the breath that really gets your heart pumping and your body sweating! I am a vinyasa instructor, thus love the moments when I can incorporate a little “pick up the pace and elevate the heart rate” in yoga. An important aspect of the vinyasa is the awareness of the breath. Initially, practice the one movement per breath, one breath per movement technique. This will slow the movements down so that the focus can be on form. If the breathing becomes quickened, stop, move into balasana (child’s pose) and slow the breath once again.

Here is the first vinyasa sequence in the series, enjoy! Namaste

From downward facing dog we inhale and exhaling, stepping our right foot forward and inhale, coming up into warrior one. As we exhale, turning our arms and bodies into warrior two. We inhale and exhale, flipping our right palm face up – reaching forward through the arm and inhaling, moving that arm up toward the ceiling for reverse warrior, as we exhale, moving our hand back to either side of our front foot and stepping back into downward facing dog. We inhale and exhale stepping the left foot forward, inhaling into warrior one. Exhaling into warrior two, inhale here and exhale, flipping the left palm face up – reaching through the front arm and inhale moving the arm up toward the ceiling for reverse warrior. Exhaling, moving our hands back down to either side of our foot and stepping back into downward facing dog. Moving through the vinyasa as many times as we feel necessary – usually starting with two or three and moving up to five or six in a series. 

Vinyasa 5